Dave has been a commercially endorsed skipper since 1999 so hopefully, we have an experience that we can use to our best adavntage.

Remarkable Places to Eat

Kelly’s Hero Charters helps the Channel 4 crew and Fred Sirieix, in filming of the new series of Remarkable Places to Eat.

Let’s be straight, Brixham is home to one of the finest fishing fleets in the UK and that’s for good reason. Put simply, the seafood here is incredible. So, it has become a mecca for all who seek the finest ingredients for the plethora of amazing seafood restaurants in the area.

Now, it’s fair to say that everyone likes fine food and that’s why foodie shows command millions of viewers every week. No longer are Chefs, just celebrities. No, they are now slotting comfortably into the category of superstars. Come on, we can’t get enough of Gordon Ramsey tearing shreds out of people. But, there is a certain distinguished French man who has blessed our screens for many years now. Yes, it’s Fred Sirieix, he’s back with a brand new series of Remarkable Places to Eat. But better than that, he comes to beautiful Brixham in one of the episodes.

So, when Channel 4 came down to Brixham and were looking for the finest charter boat available to assist them in their filming. Who did they choose? Yes, that’s right! Skipper Dave and Kelly’s Hero Fishing Charters and it’s not the first time that we’ve been on the TV either.

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South Devon Crab Cart Ltd

Kelly’s Hero Charters is proud to be Partners with Brixham’s finest provider of Dynamite Baits.

Now, it’s fair to say that Brixham is famous for its long-established fishing industry. Let’s be straight, there is one big reason and that is because it is one of the best places that you can fish anywhere in the UK. But, as any Deep Sea Fisher will agree. Even though the Sea Fishing in Brixham may be amazing, without the right bait, it can be a long wait until you are battling away with your next catch.

So, what’s the answer? Well, that’s why you Charter an experienced Skipper, like Dave and his excellent charter boat Kelly’s Hero. Because with Skipper Dave’s knowledge and experience you are getting the best Sea Fishing experience that you can find. So, this is exactly why Kelly’s Hero Fishing Charters has partnered with South Devon Crab Cart Ltd. Brixham’s locally sourced Crab Dynamite Baits, the highly effective sea fishing bait commonly known as Crab Cart.

Put simply, South Devon Crab Cart Ltd, provide the bait that the fish of the South Devon Coast can’t swim away from.

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Wildlife Trips in Brixham

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Bird and Wildlife trips in Torbay.

We are now taking bookings for 2 and 4 hours Bird and Wildlife trips in Torbay.

Please contact Dave to ask when the next trip is available (all trips are dependant on weather conditions in the bay)

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Bespoke Marine Fabrications

Aluminum Deck hatches, built to customers own bespoke measurements. Available to order with a turnaround time of approximately 3 weeks from receipt of instruction and cleared deposit funds.

COVID19 Update

Looks like we’ll be back in business after March 29th with the rule of 6 in place i.e. 6 passengers and Me

Current COVID19 guidelines prevail on all boats and individuals at the time of booking.
Please discuss with Dave specific requirements or requests…your booking will only be live when your confirmation is received back to your chosen media…

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Kelly’s Hero Fishing Videos Brixham

Fishing for Plaice video courtesy of Vince.

Kelly’s Hero Charters Shutter Fabrication

Maidencombe cafe, (under new management opening soon). We replaced the existing rusting shutters, with lightweight Aluminium designed shutters, this is the results.

Aluminium Shutter

Front Sea View

Ali Shutter

Maidencombe Café

Ali Shutter

Side Hatch Maidencombe Café

Ali Shutters

Maidencombe Café

Maidencombe Cafe

Maidencombe Vista, Wow what a view from the seating area